Studies show that going outside for lunch, as opposed to eating in the break room or the cafetieria, can be mentally rejuvenating.

Are you finding you get brain fatigue around early afternoon? The solution could be quite literally, a lunch in The Woods. Workers who went for lunch in The Woods performed better on attention and memory tests than those who stepped out for a break on a busy street.

The reason that researchers believe a lunch in the city isn’t as relaxing as a lunch at The Woods is that distractions of crowds and traffic over-stimulates you and keeps you on high alert to avoid getting hit by a car, for example. A lunch in The Woods, on the other hand, allows the mind to relax and gear down for a while, giving your brain the rest it needs  before heading back to work.

The Lunch Break Express is a great way to celebrate a co-workers birthday, retirement, and all office celebrations. Or if you’re simply looking to keep a tight-knit, engaged team, it’s important to break outside the office.

How it works…The Lunch Break Express will pick up as many as 15 of your co-workers in a climate controlled bus at your place of work, drive you to The Woods for a scrumptious lunch. Then we’ll bring you back after lunch refreshed and ready to finish the day.

No cold car, no scraping car windows, and no inconvience to go out for lunch with The Woods Lunch Break Express!

Call for the Lunch Break Express (218)  829-7507
The ride is free, the experience is priceless!

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